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Item 1372

Raleigh, North Carolina bright cut snuff box, circa 1809, marked twice “DECOSTA.”  In the 2nd revision of George Barton Cutten’s The Silversmiths of North Carolina, published in 1984, the following appears:            

In a Raleigh paper of June 1, 1809, Decosta claimed that he worked in the shop of Jehu Scott for two or three years prior to going into business for himself.  

                                              CATON DECOSTA 

Jeweller & Silver-Smith, from Europe, Informs the Public, that he has commenced business for himself in Raleigh, where he solicits patronage.-Having acquired a thorough knowledge of his business, under the first masters in Europe, and having considerable experience in some of the principal Work-shops in America, he is confident in being able to give satisfaction to those who may employ him.  For specimens of his skill he refers to the difficult, fine, and elegant work which has been done for two or three years past in Mr. Jehu Scott’s shop in this city, which has been done by C.D.  

As the advertiser is master of the business he professes, he deems it unnecessary to enumerate the kinds of work which he will undertake.  All Gold and Silver, table beaufet [sic] furniture, Ladies ornaments, and every thing appertaining to his business will be neatly and expeditiously executed, and on reasonable terms.

                                                                                      Raleigh, June 1, 1809
N. B. Cash given for old Gold and Silver  

The monogram appears to be “LT.”  Length is 3¼ inches, width is 1¾ inches and depth is 13/16 inches.  Condition is good showing appropriate wear based on the age of the box.

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