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  • Six Georgia Spoons  "Veal & Brother"  "Rome GA"
  • Item 1292
  • $1,800 for all six spoons

Six coin silver Georgia spoons.  Three of the spoons are marked “Veal & Brother” and measure 8-1/8 inches in length.  They have an ornate “F” monogram on the front side.  These spoons probably were made by Joseph E. Veal and John Veal, Jr. because the shape and form isn’t typical of what was being made in the North at the time these spoons would have been made.  Veal & Brother is the mark of Joseph E. Veal and John Veal, Jr. while working in Madison, Georgia during the 1848–1853 time period.  George B. Cutten in The Silversmiths of Georgia, has the following statement about the Veal brothers:

     "JOSEPH E. VEAL was a silversmith of Madison.  He advertised on Aug. 19, 1848, a large lot of silverware on hand “comprising Spoons, Tongs, Cups, Knives &c., at Charleston prices.”  He also offered perfumery for sale.  At that time and for the next few years he was active in buying and selling real estate in Madison.  Among other transactions, on April 2, 1853 he gave a mortgage to his brother, John Veal, for $1,488.  John Veal was a successful silversmith in Columbia, S.C.  On Feb. 12, 1851, Joseph E. Veal married Sarah Amanda Skidmore in Madison.

     It is probable that the Veals were active in silversmithing in Madison for many years.  A number of years ago, while in Savannah, I found a teaspoon marked “Veal & Brother Madison.”  According to my notes, it was made about 1830, but neither my notes nor my memory is very definite on the subject.  If there was such a firm, Joseph E. Veal was probably a member."

The fourth spoon is a sugar spoon 6-3/4 inches in length and on the back is marked  “W G & S” “Veal Co” “Rome, GA” and has the numeral 1 over 66 over 8.  It also has an ornate “F” monogram.

The other two spoons, being 6-1/8 inches in length are marked “J E VEAL ROME GA” and have an eagle head over a chevon mark and are marked “COIN.”  These two spoons have a monogram of “MMT.”  

The sugar spoon and two tea spoons were probably made in the North as indicated by the WG&S mark on the sugar spoon and the forms of the three spoons, which are similar to other Northern made spoons.

A site on the Internet indicates that Joseph E. Veal placed a Boston made clock in the Rome, Georgia Water Tower in 1871.  The Internet site also shows that Joseph E. Veal is in the 1880 census as living in the 1st Ward, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia and is shown as being 55 years of age, occupation jeweler.  He is shown as having a wife, Mary, age 26 and two sons, Joseph E. Veal, age 28, a watchmaker, and J. Samuel Veal, age 19, a watchmaker.

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