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  • Painting of Young Girl - George Dury
  • Item 1311
  • $1,200

Painting of an unidentified young girl attributed to George Dury.  According to Tennessee Painting the Past published by the Tennessee Fine Arts Center, Cheekwood, 1960, Dury was born in Wurzburg, Bavaria in 1817.  As a young man, he enjoyed the patronage of King Ludwig I of Bavaria.  In the chaos of the unsuccessful revolutions of 1848-1849 in Europe, it is stated in the Cheekwood article that Dury participated in an ill-advised celebration of Washington’s birthday during which Washington, Jefferson and Franklin and other revolutionaries were too extravagantly eulogized.  Thereafter, Dury found it expedient to relocate to the United States.  In the early 1850’s, he opened a studio in Nashville, Tennessee for instruction in the Fine Arts.  

The frame is believed to be original to the painting.  The oval frame is 22½ inches high and 19½ inches wide.  The painting is 16-7/8 inches high and 14 inches wide.  

Both the painting and frame are in very good condition

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